Our mission: your safety

Established in 2004 as an insurance broker for Autoitalia Group, STEIN Bestasig Insurance Broker has been providing professional insurance services to thousands of satisfied clients. The company changed its name in 2012, when it was decided to merge Stein Insurance Broker and Bestasig Insurance Broker, two top players in the insurance market, thus consolidating our expertise and experience.

Insurance is the heart of our company and we are proud of the high standards of professionalism, seriousness and ethics that our clients know so well. Like a skilled tailor, we build our services to perfectly accommodate the various and numerous needs of the clients in our portfolio.

At STEIN Bestasig Insurance Broker, our mission is to provide our clients with added value, assisting them through specialised consultancy for the best possible protection against all adverse events and to settle their claims in an active and timely manner, in accordance with their requirements.

Our main goal is to enable you to focus on your core business, offering you the best and most comprehensive professional services in the area of insurance.

Our extensive expertise in the insurance market, as well as the excellent relationship with the management of all major insurance companies, are key to our success.

Advantages of working with STEIN Bestasig Insurance Broker

  • We offer you the type of insurance that suits your needs
    The role of the insurance broker is to select for you the best option among all the existing offers on the market and allow you to make your final choice.
  • We put time in the careful selection of options
    We use our expertise to carefully review all the insurance options suitable for you and we provide you with our recommendation.
  • We have the role of a consultant defending your interests in dealing with insurers
    Our goal is to advise you and to offer you our services with professionalism, while representing your interests in the area of insurance.
  • We provide you with several options from different insurers from which you will then choose the best one
    You have the last say, so that, after we provide you with our advice, you can make the best decision for the desired insurance product.
  • Your insurance is completely safe
    The insurance for our company’s business is EUR 10 million as opposed to the required minimum of EUR 1.25 million.
  • You have online access to your insurance policy portfolio
    Our online platform offers you 24/7 support to access your own insurance policy portfolio at any time.